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As more and more online sites are available for Indian players the team here at online lottery India decided it was time to share information on playing the lotteries available online. We want all lottery players to play in safe, secure environments and have access to the biggest lotteries around the globe. It’s about having fun and taking a chance.

You will never know if you don’t play what you could win, we want to make sure you get the best chances to play.

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Check out our pages to discover how easy it is to play lottery online, as well as some of the fun alternatives, like Keno & Bingo, that also bring cash prizes. We will also introduce you to how to select a lottery website or online casino, what to consider and what to avoid – like unlicensed sites!

Lotteries have been available to Indian gamblers for decades now. Their popularity never seems to fade because they hold the promise of rewarding cash prizes for lucky players. Some of the best online lottery India choices even go as far as offering life-changing jackpot prizes, becoming an instant millionaire is very appealing!


The process is simple, buy a ticket, choose your numbers, wait to see if you have won! The popularity of lotteries never seems to fade because they hold the promise of rewarding cash prizes for lucky players. Nearly every corner has somewhere to buy a lottery ticket. But now, you can purchase your lottery tickets from your phone or mobile device, laptop & PC. This means anytime, anyplace you can buy lottery tickets for global lotteries.

According to historians, the roots of lotteries go back as far as the 1400s! Its increasing popularity meant that many Governments seized the opportunity to start their own and raise money for charitable causes. Online Lotto in India is currently legal in 13 Indian states: West Bengal, Goa, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Maharashtra. However, it is not illegal to enjoy a whirl on the international lotteries, which have some of the biggest lotteries around! Some of the best OnlineLotteryIndia choices even go as far as offering life-changing jackpot prizes.


Playing the lottery online does not have to be complicated, but it also offers no promises. Some players say they have strategies and number systems, but our about us team consider lottery betting is a combination of luck and judgement.

There is nothing in the Indian laws that prevent you from gambling on the lottery sites online. However, it is your responsibility to pay your taxes on any winnings. That is 30% tax to pay on any lottery online India wins. The lottery sites and online casinos are expected to deduct 30% of any winnings over INR 10,000 to pay direct to the government.


EuroMillions is Europe‚Äôs first multi-national lottery, launched in 2004 when playing lottery online was at its height. It’s an extremely popular lottery played in nine countries throughout the continent. There are two weekly draws held on Tuesday and Friday evenings and it offers a minimum jackpot of 17 million euros. These jackpots can roll over if nobody wins and can increase to an amount capped at 190 million euros – around a staggering 14500 crore!

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